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Best Hot Tubs For Sale

Best Hot Tubs For Sale

You know that relaxed feeling you get when you arrive at your favorite destination retreat, well now that retreat can be in your own backyard with a hot tub by clear water spas. Slip into your hot tub melt away the stresses of the day and relax sore and tired muscles. Enjoy a hydrotherapy massage any time of the day spend quality time with family and friends let the soothing Jets restore your spirit and help you sleep better.

Experience the health and wellness benefits every day in your very own hot tub backyard retreat. Clearwater spas simply the best portable hot tub you will own the variety of Jets on a clear water spa puts you in control of your hot tub massage experience. Slip into the comfortable ergonomic seating and receive your personalized hydrotherapy jet massage that beautiful stainless steel jets with graphite accents are fully adjustable and that powerful pumps allow you to customize your massage treatment to target your specific trigger point areas.

Each one of that Jets can be opened and closed to target the volume of hot water. Producing the sensation of a professional massage, now you can enjoy massage therapy in the comfort of your own backyard retreat with a Clearwater spa imagine receiving a relaxing full-body massage anytime any day 24/7 with your new hot tub from Clearwater spas you can pamper yourself every day. Right in the comfort of your own backyard turn on the Jets own of your choice from that easy one-touch control display, sit back and relax.

That multi-zone air controls let you control the amount of air bubbles that are injected into the soothing warm water flow from a strong deep tissue massage to a soothing caress you customize your jet massage treatment that powerful pump placement whisper flow technology and manifold plumbing provide the maximum water flow volume to each massage Station Clearwater spawns has spacious and comfortable ergonomic seating configurations at various Heights to fit your entire family.

Some of Clearwater spas have unique double cascading waterfalls and pop up water fans to add to your soothing hot tub experience Clearwater spas multicolored LED lighting lets you bask in the glow of a multicolored rainbow of light therapy that suits your soul while you enjoy a relaxing soak set the lighting to the color of your choice with that simple one-touch controls or set it to transition between six beautiful colors to create your own mood lighting experience.

Clearwater spas accent lighting is available on all spa models there is multicolored LED lighting to illuminate the water beautiful water features exterior cabinets and even the table leg on the removable Bistro table Clearwater spas best of class lighting packages have the wow factor that will impress all who are invited to enjoy your spa clear water spots is committed to protecting the health of that environment through green manufacturing practices using recycled materials and building.

Some of the most energy-efficient hot tubs in world every hot tub meets or exceeds the energy usage standards set by the California Energy Commission clear water spas a smart technology is a green system that incorporates energy efficiencies engineering environment economies and a cycling that reflective thermal barrier RTB insulated cabinets and insulated dural floor system set us apart from all other hot tub brands.

We have set the bar high for the best energy efficient standards in the industry clear water spas RTB insulation insulates and recycles and circulates heat that is generated by all of that electrical components to maximize energy efficiency that four-inch thick insulated dura floor system lifts the components off the ground removing the hot tub for moisture bugs and other negative influences that insulated cabinet and dura floor system provides an R 20 value of insulation efficiency tests have shown that Clearwater spas are twelve percent more energy efficient than spas filled with spray foam insulation.

Clearwater spas offer a fully insulated tapered hardcover to hold in heat and protect your hot tub from the elements that cover lift removal system makes it easy to remove and replace the hot tub cover part of that a smart technology that is built into every clear water spot that clean water sanitation systems one component of the sanitation system is the active oxygen-ozone system which provides a natural way to kill microscopic bacteria and reduce the usage of chemicals needed.

The other component of this system is the polyester reusable filters which filter 100% of the water several times a day the one-touch topside control panel operates a state-of-the-art system pack that provides the intelligence to run and protect your spa for maximum efficiency the circulation pump operates quietly moving water flow through the filtration systems 24/7 so you can be assured of a clean spa any time of the day all of that pumps and heater are provided with a water shut-off valve for your convenience.

If you should ever need to remove and replace these you can do it without draining the water from the spa for changing out your water simply unscrew the drain valve located on the bottom front of your spa clear water spas specially selected acrylic system and cabinetry is beautiful to the eye and is durable and built to last the ABS backed acrylic system is reinforced with eco spray material and has expanded steel plates in foot traffic areas for long-lasting support.

That hansom rim system cabinets have the beautiful look of wood detailing and the Craftsman style lighting sconces to invite the way to your hot tub experience the matching covers and steps make your Clearwater Spa a beautiful showcase backyard destination Clearwater Spa offers many options and accessories some of which come as standard items turn on your favorite music with one of that music sound systems.

The resort in Beechcraft series have that clear sound stereo system with an easy to reach topside control display which operates the FM tuner and an mp3 or iPod safely tucked in that cabinet docking station with to pop up waterproof speakers two transducers and a powerful infinity subwoofer you will experience the ultimate in high fidelity sound that Xs series has an incredible media sound system that comes with an mp3 iPod housing two flush mounted waterproof speakers and a powerful subwoofer with satellite amplifier let the party begin and serve up your favorite beverage.

And snack on that color-matching removable bistro table and yes even the table Lakes lights up with that multicolored led mood lighting for that perfect evening of entertaining Clearwater spas fills your senses from the soothing sound of that water features and music to the illuminating sights of the multicolored lighting to the muscle relaxing touch of that hydrotherapy jets you will be transported to paradise


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