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Cedar Hot Tub Maintenance

Cedar Hot Tub Maintenance

Every 3-6 months, you should fully drain and inspect your cedar hot tub. Give it a good scrub with the 3m scotch bright pad while empty and take apart and clean the entire filter system as well. Finally, check the cedar tub’s interior and exterior carefully for cuts, dings, and cracks.  DRAINING THE WOODEN HOT TUB: Use the draining hole and plug to drain your wooden hot tub. Ensure that the water remains clean, drain the water after it has been used 3 times or on a monthly basis. Clean it and then refill with fresh, clean water.

Colonial Hot Tub Maintenance is simple. Colonial Hot Tubs are made of Canadian Heart Cedar which has natural anti-bacterial and.  To clean a hot tub all one has do is drain the water and rinse it out. If necessary or desired they can be gently scrubbed with a soft brush and a mild bleach/water solution. Also unlike a spa, wherein 8 to 10 inches of water remains, when you drain a wood hot tub all the water drains out.

Q: What is the proper level for Bromine or Chlorine in a hot tub? Bromine is not recommended for use in wood hot tubs, always refer to the chemical care.  Your hot tub’s water is the focus of all daily maintenance activities. There are three primary actions that are essential for keeping your spa in tip-top shape. First.  However, owning an older style hot tub such as wood barrel hot tubs adds to the maintenance hours required for keeping the hot tub usable.  Water Maintenance.

Sanitizing your hot tub water is the most important maintenance you should do for yourself. Sanitizers kill the bacteria that can grow in warm.  Posted by Northern Lights Cedar Tubs in the hot tub, outdoor hot tub. Listed here in this post are 7 awesome outdoor hot tub maintenance tips that you may want.  Wooden Hot Tubs Are A Great Luxury Product, But What Are They Really. Let the cleaner sit for a bit, wipe the surface clean and rinse well.

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